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Your IT infrastructure's health and performance are important for building business success. But with vulnerabilities, malicious parties can gain access to your network very easily. This also caused interruptions in your IT infrastructure. However, choosing the right NOC partner can safeguard you against these risks and keep your business running smoothly.

We are connoisseurs at delivering managed services that are fully operational and error-free. At CloudFence's Center of Excellence (CoE), we deal with such critical issues that afflict modern businesses

Monitoring endpoints, & Networks-24/7

We constantly monitor all of our customers' networks and devices from the CloudFence Center of Excellence's (CoE) Console to identify any potential issues or breaches that may have occurred..

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Our global team of tech strategists, enterprise architects and transformation experts help harness technology and innovation as a way to reinvent every business.'s Center of Excellence (CoE)

microsoft365 Plans

Visibility of your data, people, and processes

microsoft365 Plans

Visualise and understand malicious or anomalous activity

microsoft365 Plans

Analyse, prioritise and respond to threats in rapid time

microsoft365 Plans

Safeguard your data, people, and processes

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