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"A Distinctive And Intelligent Way of Attendance & Productivity Monitoring"

Elevate your employee management experience well beyond the simple act of registration and incorporate notions of security, health, safety, brand promotion, customer communication, most importantly, privacy.

Using our Digital Identity Management System Software, you will be able to get all your visitors’/employees database that you can use for digital marketing, email marketing, and organizational workflow.

With DIM Software, you can also directly pitch your guests/employees with exclusive offers and discounts that can further help you enhance your sales. The database can also be used in identifying your employee’s work patterns with which you can customize your strategies accordingly.

Your Own Digital Receptionist - Modules


Digital Workforce Management

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Visitor/Guest Management System

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Partner Identity Management

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Digital Receptionist [Lobby & Reception]

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Employee Identity Management

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Attendance & Leave Automation

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Remote Workforce Management

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Productivity Management

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Geo-Fencing Attendance & Leave Automation

Keeping a Record of Attendance and Leave Procedures Manually is a Hectic Task for any HR

Research shows that the use of Automated Time, Attendance, and Scheduling Solutions results in 8% to 20% lower replacement costs (as a percentage of annual pay) for hourly workers, which can be attributed to the reduced cost of administration needed to manually manage such functions.

Price Time Tracking | Streamline Payroll | Boosts Employee Satisfaction | Less Paper Usage

Multi Platform Support

Our Digital Identity Management System is a complete set of applications deployed on Web and Android which helps you to manage and track your guests, employees and partners. XeDigital.ai software can be operated on multiple devices

  • Tablet is installed at the reception area for visitors and employees to do superfast self-check-in
  • XeDigital.ai app can be used by your employee/ receptionist to manage visitor check-ins
  • XeDigital.ai dashboard is suitable for web check-ins
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Our Integrated VMS Offerings

Now you can get hi-tech software to modernize your front desk


Manage Entry/Exit

User can always access the visitor details of each guest who visits.


OTP Verification of Visitors

Visitors would receive an OTP with an invitation through messages.


Approval Based Entry

The host can either approve or disapprove a visitor with a custom message.


Mobile App & Web Version

Manage the entry and exit of your visitors either with the XeDigital or web check-in.


Real-Time Access

Get the real-time status of your visitors who are entering your office premises.


Employee Registration/Login

The company employees are required to register themselves for the first time.

How XeDigital is Different?

Check out these following features that make our VMS unique:

  • Get Free Subscription
  • Multiplatform Support/Analysis & Report
  • 24*7 Technical Support whenever required
  • Contactless Check-in & Check-out
  • Cost-effective & simple to operate
  • OTP Verification of Visitors
  • Face Attendance - Selfie Attendance
  • Regular Analysis & Report
  • Customized Company Branding
  • Productivity Management of Employees
Why XeDigital is different from other Digital Identity Management System
Industries where identity management is used

Industries Where XeDigital Can Be Used

Elevate your Employee Management Experience well beyond the simple act of registration and incorporate notions of security, health, safety, brand promotion, customer communication, most importantly, privacy. It is very helpful as the data can be centralized and retrieved for security and other purposes at any point of time. XeDigital.ai is an industry neutral & can be leveraged in many scenarios be at -

Offices | Corporates | Enterprise | Schools | Hostels | Coworking | Factories | Hotels | Events | Societies | Hospitals

About XeDigital

Our SaaS-based platform enables you with workforce automation to manage your Visitor, Guests, Partner Employees, Lobby, & Reception digital identity. This is built with the DNA of Face-Recognition, AI & ML to automate self-check-in, Face being only identity, Touchless system & QR-enabled features. This enhances the user experience, and productivity securing the digital identity of users and also enhances Workforce Attendance & Productivity Management.

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