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What People Say About XCommerce Cloud Fence enabled us to launch

CloudFence has been very beneficial for us

Partnering with CloudFence has been very beneficial for us. The team took care of everything in every way – from creating a robust digital strategy to tracking everyday results – They made sure their solution make a significant impact on our business revenue.

Akhilesh Moriya


CloudFence to be knowledgeable and very reliable to work with.

When you’re in telehealth and have access to patient’s confidential health information, security becomes paramount. We have found CloudFence to be knowledgeable and very reliable to work with. The people at CloudFence have the ability to talk at a high technical level and have a down to earth approach for our end users. We believe an organization of any size would get benefitted from working with them.

Bala. P. Nair

HOD, Medicine

Cloud Fence enabled us to launch our application

Cloud Fence enabled us to launch our application in a very short time-frame. We can now extend our current environment into the cloud and integrate information from different sources, plus we can scale up without incurring huge upfront costs. CloudFence has enabled us to achieve things we could never have achieved with traditional data centre model we were operating on.

Richard Lunenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

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