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Embracing Innovation and Human-Machine Interaction

MDR services combine human expertise, threat intelligence, and a variety of network, endpoint, and cloud detection technologies to assist organizations in detecting and responding to threats, strengthening their security posture, and reducing risk exposure.

All organizations require the ability to detect, contain, and respond to threats, but the internal resource burden is significant. MDR services allow businesses to achieve enterprise-level cyber security capabilities at a fraction of the cost of developing the same capabilities in-house.’s MDR offers a comprehensive set of security services, such as alert monitoring, alert prioritization, investigation, and threat hunting. It correlates and prioritizes advanced threats by applying artificial intelligence models to endpoint, network, and server data. CloudFence Technologies threat researchers can work with organizations to provide a detailed remediation plan after investigating prioritized alerts.

Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard

Managed Detection and Response for Better Cybersecurity Results

Breach Protection

CloudFence Technologies has numerous technology patents, demonstrating our innovative culture. At CloudFence, we strive to create tech that can enhance and strengthen our practise. Our skilled threat hunters, certified security analysts, and CSIRT (Security Incident Response Teams) assist organizations in large-scale threat hunting, automated threat investigation and containment, and aid in incident response orchestration.

Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Backups

Our Key Capabilities and Approach

  • Detection : CloudFence Technologies threat researchers continuously monitor an organization's network and endpoint data, performing threat sweeps to look for specific indicators of compromise, and making threat prioritization decisions from there.
  • Analysis : Following the correlation and prioritization of a detected potential threat, a team of qualified security operations center (SOC) personnel investigates the origin and scope of the attack, after which a detailed analysis of the threat and its impact is determined.
  • Response : Threat researchers from CloudFence Technologies will notify the organization of the incident and provide root cause analysis, mitigation recommendations, and toolkits to assist the organization in dealing with the incident.

Managed Detection and Response as per your Need

CloudFence Technologies MDR is a managed security service that meets you where you are and helps you achieve your security and business goals.

Choose one of the two service options that best meet your needs.

Endpoint Detection and Response(EDR)

CloudFence Technologies offers cutting-edge endpoint security that includes real-time visibility, analysis, protection, and remediation. We prevent malware infection, detect and deflect potential threats in real-time, and automate response and remediation procedures with customizable playbooks.

CloudFence Technologies automatically and efficiently detect and stops breaches in real time. Key capabilities of endpoint detection and response:

Detect and deflect potential threats in real-time, even on compromised devices.

Based on risk mitigation policies, detect and control rogue devices and applications.

Stop breaches instantly and prevent data loss and ransomware damage with no dwell time.
Use contextual incident response playbooks that are customizable to automate incident response.
Allow for response and remediation while keeping systems operational and ensuring business continuity.
With customizable incident response processes, you can eliminate alert fatigue and optimize operations.
Extended Detection & Response

Extended Detection & Response : XDR

Increase visibility and actionable insights for your security operations team to automate threat response across networks, clouds, endpoints, email, and applications. CloudFence's open and extensible approach to XDR enables customers to leverage our comprehensive portfolio of solutions as well as their existing investment in the company's security infrastructure. With additional telemetry sources and contextual insights, this method assists customers in better detecting, investigating, and prioritizing incidents. The XDR offering from CloudFence Technologies provides out-of-the-box playbooks and rich automation, enabling rapid remediation and mitigation of dangerous threats.

Key capabilities of Endpoint Detection & Response

Increase Productivity

With automation capabilities, you can reduce noise and alleviate skill shortages while increasing the value of your security team's resources.

Detect the most advanced threats

With a multi-vector, multi-vendor approach optimized for open environments, you can gain visibility and actionable threat intelligence.

Increase your Resilience

Fill security gaps while anticipating and preparing for future threats. Improve your strength every day by working hard.

Act on what is truly important.

Give your security teams the tools they need to prioritize threats, conduct streamlined investigations, and make evidence-based recommendations..

Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Backups

Drive Business Value with our MDR Service

Drive Business Value-Managed Detection and Response allow businesses to extract more value from their business model in the following ways:

  • Increase the (ROI) of Your Existing Cybersecurity Investments : Our analysts can detect and respond to threats by leveraging your existing cybersecurity technology investments.
  • Reduce the risk and costs associated with incidents and breaches : Our expert team detects and responds to ransomware and other threats before they cause data compromise or downtime.
  • Allow IT and security personnel to focus on business enablement : We provide the people, processes, and technology needed to detect and respond to threats, freeing up your internal teams to focus on supporting your business.
  • Increase Eligibility for Cyber Insurance Coverage : Our MDR reduces business risk and meets cyber insurance requirements, such as having 24/7 threat detection.'s Digital Transformation

  • 5000 Customer Reach in a short span of time
  • 25 Strong Alliances Partnership with Leading OEMs
  • 3K Total number of followers on all digital platforms
  • 15 Seater COE & MNOC capabilities
  • 30 start-up to enterprise customers onboarded

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