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Digital Business Transformation-Touchless Identity Management

Front Desk Kiosk to enhance your Reception Area!

Digital reception software not only improves customer experience but also benefits the company in administration tasks, which includes an organized report for ease in monthly visitor analysis.

  • Brand impression & service
  • Faster Check-in and Check-outs
  • Instant Host Notification
  • Improved Security
  • Visitor’s Directory
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XeDigital – Your Own Digital Receptionist

  • Touchless Check-In & Check-out: QR code-based digital check-in of visitors
  • Host Notifications: Notify employees when their visitors arrive via SMS
  • Company Branding: Add your brand logo to the app & website homepage of
  • Real-Time Access Control: Get the real-time status of visitors
  • Approval Based Entry:Host can either approve or disapprove entry
  • Badge Printing: Print digital badges instantly
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Digital Receptionist

Simplifying Check-In | Touchless

  • Step 1

    The guest enters the premises, stands in front of the tablet. The tablet camera clicks a picture of the guest

  • Step 2

    Scan QR Code post that, a QR code gets generated in the tablet which the guest will scan through his mobile camera. Once the QR code is scanned, a URL link pops up which the guest needs to open

  • Step 3

    Visitors/ Guests are prompted to enter their mobile number, post which an OTP will be generated and sent on their mobile number. Mobile number verification is done through OTP

  • Step 4

    The mobile camera turns ON. Once the OTP is put in; the guest’s device prompts to use the mobile camera

  • Step 4.1

    Provide Govt ID Proof - Guest needs to click a picture of their Govt. ID

  • Step 4.2

    Re-click your Picture - The guest needs to re-click their picture

  • Step 5

    Confirm your Credentials - In the new window, guest needs to click on confirm check-in post which they will be checked-in and their details will be sent to the host

  • Step 6

    Host Notification and Approval - The host gets a notification that the guest has arrived to meet them, and gets to approve or deny their visit

Simplifying Check-Out | Touchless

  • Step 1: The guest/ visitor stands in front of the tablet, after that according the software version they can do quick check-out
  • For Touch Version: Guest is required to enter his phone number in the tablet. Then the guest will get automatically checked-out
  • For Touchless Version tablet camera clicks a picture of the guest and he gets automatically checked-out
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Company Foundation

How New Visitor can Self Check-in without any receptionist Intervention?

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XeDigital App Features

  • Touchless Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition
  • Real-Time Access Control
  • OTP Verification of Visitors
  • Host Notifications
  • Approval Based Entry
  • Analysis & Report
  • Company Branding
  • Badge Printing
  • XeDigital Mobile App & Web Version
  • Pre-Approval Based Entry
  • Social Login
  • Employee Registration and Login
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