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Future Ready NOC and SOC Integration

As networks grow more mission-critical, the potential of serious cybersecurity events increases. Security should not be put on top of the network like a shield; rather, it should be built into the network to allow it to be both nimble and secure.

Our Integrated NOC/SOC Solutions discover and resolve system and security issues within our organization.

CloudFence provides NOC/SOC Integration, which combines our 24x7 NOC Monitoring services with your current SOC Monitoring structure. You will have the network and cybersecurity security you require by establishing a collaborative strategy.

The following are some of the advantages of having a NOC or SOC in place:

  • Responding to system and security issues more quickly
  • Better & Improved System performance
  • Reduced Data loss and theft
  • Enhanced Critical system security

Integrated NOC/SOC Framework

NOC/SOC's Centre of Excellence (CoE)

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24/7 Firewall Management
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Incident Response

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