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With the growing threat of cyberattacks, Cyber SOC has become a crucial part of every organization to sustain operations, remain profitable, and achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. However, achieving a high level of security maturity through an in-house SOC can be costly and time-consuming. As a result, many organizations are considering outsourced security services, such as SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) offerings.

CloudFence Technologies' approach to security operations support begins with the identification of customer requirements, followed by implementation, monitoring, tuning, and the use of appropriate tools. We understand the challenges of keeping an organization secure, and we draw on our experience in implementing Security Operations Centers for both small and large organizations.

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CloudFence Technologies' Security Operation Center Services are based on cutting-edge technologies and a highly qualified team that operates 24x7. The team effectively monitors, analyses, and responds to cybersecurity issues.

Our managed SOC services assist you in strengthening your organization's security posture by identifying and resolving all significant network vulnerabilities. When it comes to managing the customer environment, we are the most sought-after. We have one of India's most desirable, advanced, and sophisticated security operations centers.

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Why Managed Cyber SOC for Advanced Security Possibilities?

A SOC-as-a-Service offering allows a company to delegate security responsibility to a team of security experts. These managed SOC services offer a variety of advantages to an organization, including:

  • Improved Security Staffing

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • Up-to-Date Security

  • Increased Security Maturity

  • Access to Specialized Security Expertise

Providing the SOC with the Effective Solutions

Get real-time, round-the-clock incident management that includes cyber threat monitoring, detection, analysis, and response management. Gain complete visibility into all risks and threat scenarios across the entire IT landscape. Integrate advanced analytics and intelligent cybersecurity solutions to predict risks, ensure end-to-end health monitoring, strengthen system security standards, and agile threat remediation

Monitor, evaluate, and manage user roles and activity across all enterprise functionalities. Assign access controls, integrate deep user behavior analytics, monitor end-user activities, manage identities and passwords, and authorize special security administration roles.

Through the SOC and SIEM landscape, monitor all dataflow or telemetry from networks, data center assets, devices, third-party solutions, backend architectures, and cloud environments. Shield dataflows, and intellectual property information, encrypt data, perform advanced incident and data forensics, and gain cutting-edge security analytics with the help of world-class security analysts.
CloudFence raises the bar significantly with its advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform. To provide real-time anomaly detection and alerting, forensic analysis, and endpoint remediation capabilities, the solution combines next-generation antivirus capabilities with additional intelligent tools. Every file execution and modification, registry change, network connection, and binary execution across your endpoints and third-party service organization workflows should be documented.
Implement strict security and threat monitoring controls on enterprise applications, on-premises or cloud app data, and workflows. Advanced DDOS protection, DAST-SAST, fraud analytics, API security, and other features are available. Integrate continuous monitoring of the application's usability throughout its lifecycle.
Protect your company's networks and workflows, including internal private networks, external community and communication networks, IP addresses, protocols, perimeter networks, end-point networks, IoT networks, and so on. For maximum security, integrate modern security frameworks and methodologies.
With development processes becoming more complex and cyber threats becoming more prevalent, it is prudent to incorporate ongoing security policies, processes, and technologies into the DevOps culture and workflows. Our Managed SOC-as-a-Service operations blend in with enterprise DevSecOps seamlessly. assists in the integration of security as a core discipline in the development of IT systems, tools, microservices, containers, automation, APIs, and testing tools.
CloudFence's extended SOC offerings include a comprehensive cloud-native security strategy, blueprinting, proof of concept, and implementation services for any cloud or platform. Integrate advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud-native security solutions such as Azure Sentinel, Amazon, GCP Security, and others. With end-to-end cloud cybersecurity management, you can easily secure your IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and CaaS architectures.
With a dedicated SIRT or Cyber Security Team, we make sure advanced, hyper-agile security response and incident remediation. Integrate SIEM and Analytics with Managed Detection and Response, embrace threat intelligence controls, and modernize SecOps with world-class security process automation solutions.
End-to-end security for hosting assets such as websites, emails, applications, data, and more. Integrate advanced patch management and hardening techniques to provide deep-level scrutiny and protection for hosted accounts. Encrypt hosted data and secure backend architectures for maximum security.
Managed Cyber SOC

End-to-end Managed SOC

When you outsource your SOC requirements to CloudFence Technologies, you get ongoing personalized support and advice from our world-class security operations center. This includes the following aspects:

  • Combating Modern Security Risks : To combat today's cyber threats, we develop an effective cyber security strategy based on an organization's current security posture.
  • A Proactive and Preventive Approach : Our proactive and progressive approach enables organizations to take the lead in addressing these threats, allowing you to focus on the needs of your business while we help you build customer trust.
  • Compliance : We improve your compliance with national and international information security standards by leveraging our deep expertise in the cyber security landscape.
  • NIST Framework : We adhere to the NIST Framework, which provides a cost-effective way for organizations to align their cyber security strategies and strengthen their security posture in terms of cyber risk and compliance.
  • Expertise : With a decade of experience, we equip enterprises' defensive cyber security solutions with cutting-edge technologies to combat rising cyber threats.
  • Remote-Ready : Our remote work solutions with cutting-edge VPN technology, assist organizations in securing their remote workforce and deterring cyber criminals.

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