Network Operations Centre for Proactive Monitoring

Network Operations Centre for Proactive Monitoring

Optimal use of time and resources is now a necessity rather than a goal to strive for. Even a minute-long server outage can cause millions of dollars in damages for larger enterprises. Although though the impact is generally less severe for smaller enterprises, such IT industry blunders might undermine a company's ability to operate as a whole. Network operations centres are therefore essential for managing and keeping an eye on network infrastructure.

With more business than ever to handle and technology evolving so quickly, small and mid-sized firms frequently outsource IT infrastructure assistance. Businesses are aware of the advantages of outsourcing their daily tasks to a different party. NOC services offers troubleshooting and 24x7 monitoring to make sure that businesses have access to all the required support.

Strengthen and Secure your Network with MNOC

Your company depends on the network and infrastructure to be operational at peak capacity around-the-clock. But it's difficult to monitor, track, and improve performance—especially in complicated systems with several technologies. Apart from several difficulties, the outcome is always the same: ongoing susceptibility to the costly effects of downtime.

From our CoE, our experts actively monitor infrastructure and applications in real-time 24x7 to identify faults, make actionable correlations, and prepare tickets for resolution without interfering with your team's or your company's operations.

Managed NOC

CloudFence Expertise for Next-Gen Managed NOC's expert Consultants and Network Engineers are constantly involved in a number of high-profile projects involving network design and configuration, in which our teams have worked with a variety of clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies across India.

Furthermore, our team adheres to the highest qualification standards, striving to share our knowledge and continuously pursuing professional accreditations.

Advanced Monitoring through our CoE - Centre of Excellence

Our processes and technology ensure that your data is always protected. We offer cutting-edge backup services that are safe, dependable, and affordable, such as:

Use our dependable and affordable long-term data retention solution to store data, protect it, and get easy access to it whenever you need it.

We assist you in backing up your data safely to public clouds, such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Storage, and others.

Protect Your Data with our easy-to-use, efficient, and secure backup solution. We help you back up your data to any storage location and quickly restore specific files, applications, or entire systems.
We ensure you do not lose any in case of malware infection by continuously backing up changes to critical applications between scheduling backups.
Utilize our quick, effective, and secure backup solution to take complete control of your data and safeguard mission-critical applications.
Utilize our easy-to-manage, reliable, infrastructure-free cloud backup solution to effortlessly protect all of your data and devices.
We make sure that your vital business workloads are always accessible, which makes your infrastructure reliable and economical.
With simple, effective, and secure off-site cyber protection for any data, application, and system, we guarantee business continuity.
We provide a quick, effective, and secure backup solution to guard against data loss and downtime for your cloud applications.

Network Monitoring & Support Services

Our fully Managed MNOC services includes:

Proactive monitoring & remediation

Preventive maintenance

Security patches & service packs

RCA (root cause analysis)

Trend analysis

Capacity forecasting

Disaster Recovery As A Service

Managed Detection And Response

Uptime Maintenance

To ensure full operational and fault-free managed services, we adhere to a well-defined NOC monitoring service organization hierarchy structure.

  • Upgrading and Troubleshooting
  • Policy Enforcing
  • Analysis of Shared Threats
  • Backup and Storage Administration
  • Antivirus Detection and Removal
  • Whitelisting and Patch Management
  • Optimization & Quality of Service Reporting
  • Installation of Application Software
  • Monitoring and Management of Firewalls
  • Policy Enforcing
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Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Backups

Business Benefits of our MNOC Services

Our Managed NOC Services can help you to build strong Remote Support practices to drive best in class services , SLA Management, FCR with 24 x 7 Support

  • Internal and external attack defense
  • End-to-end solution to ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • Customized, need-based assistance
  • 24-hour network monitoring
  • Infrastructure that is advanced and up to date
  • Experts with exceptional skill and experience
  • Real-time administration and reporting's Digital Transformation

  • 5000 Customer Reach in a short span of time
  • 25 Strong Alliances Partnership with Leading OEMs
  • 3K Total number of followers on all digital platforms
  • 15 Seater COE & MNOC capabilities
  • 30 start-up to enterprise customers onboarded

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