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With our SAP S/4Hana Public Cloud Consulting & Implementation services, you can achieve the utmost competitive edge.

Cloud Storage

Flexible, Cost-Effective & Scalable Cloud Storage for Unstructured Data

A proactive approach to storage acquisition and management empowers your IT infrastructure to manage the upsurge in data volumes and channels in the most effective manner. By leveraging the latest storage tools and technology allows real-time storage performance monitoring and ensures minimal downtime and maximum service availability.

With our advisory services, you can use extensive array of cloud storage services for almost all business types, from small single proprietorships to huge enterprises.

Unmatched Level Of Cloud Storage Expertise

  • IT Infrastructure Assessment: CloudFence's technical experts will first study your organization's IT infrastructure to explore all the technical feasibilities. We identity vulnerabilities and strategize risk-free cloud migration to provide customer-centric services.
  • Planning: Based on the IT audit, our advisors prepare a roadmap that best fits your business requirement and select the storage solution as per the need.
  • Development & Deployment: Using the best industry practices, we deploy cloud infrastructure effectively while maintaining data quality and high standards. Our consultants will help you migrate the selected applications and data through execution, migration, and expansion.
  • Ongoing Support: Our storage consultants incorporate advanced and revolutionary operational storage practices to evaluate and refine existing procedures. We ensure businesses reap the benefits of a safe, reliable, high-performing cloud storage environment.
Cloud Consulting

Cloud Storage Possibilities

Automated Backups can be Scheduled

Block Level Persistent Storage Available

Instant Provision any Customized Amount of Cloud Storage

Enterprise-Class Storage Platform

Scale And Secure Your Cloud Storage

We assist you in efficiently and effectively handling and managing your business data. Our cloud storage services provide a scalable, secure, and cost-effective home for your data while supporting traditional and cloud-native workloads. Our dedicated team of professionals examines the software and infrastructure capabilities. From physical setup to cutting-edge cloud storage, we provide a complete solution.

The Block storage model organizes data into large volumes known as "blocks." Each block stands in for a different hard drive. employs these blocks to distribute large amounts of data across multiple storage nodes in order to improve network performance. We effortlessly scale enterprises with block storage to support the growth of their databases and applications. This type of cloud storage is useful for websites or businesses that require a large volume of user data storage.

Another critical type of cloud storage is file storage. employs this method to save data in a hierarchical or file-and-folder structure. In this storage, the data retains its structure regardless of where it is stored or where it originates. This type of file storage process is used for home directories, development platforms, and audio, video, and other file repositories.

This storage system treats data as objects. Each object is made up of the data in a file, the metadata associated with it, and an identifier. The data is stored in the format that it arrives in by the Objects. Later, it modifies the metadata to make the data easier to access and analyze.
Standard storage is ideal for data that is frequently accessed ("hot") and/or is only stored for a short period of time. It is suitable for single, dual, and multi-region use. Co-locating your resources improves performance for data-intensive computations, lowers network charges, and improves data availability in geographically separate locations.
Nearline storage is a low-cost, long-term storage service for infrequently accessed data. It is ideal for data that you intend to read or modify once a month or less. It's also useful for backup, long-tail multimedia content, and data archiving.
Coldline storage is a low-cost, long-term storage service for infrequently accessed data. In scenarios where slightly lower availability, a 90-day minimum storage duration, and higher data access costs are acceptable trade-offs for lower at-rest storage costs, it is a better choice than Standard storage or Nearline storage. Coldline storage is ideal for data that will be read or modified once every quarter or less.
Archive storage is the most affordable and long-lasting storage option for data archiving, online backup, and disaster recovery. It has higher data access and operation costs, as well as a 365-day minimum storage period. It is the best option for data that will be accessed less than once a year. As an example: Cold data storage - Archived data, such as data stored for legal or regulatory purposes, can be stored at a low cost as Archive storage while remaining accessible if needed. Disaster recovery - Recovery time is critical in the event of a disaster recovery event. Cloud Storage allows for low-latency access to data stored in Archive storage

Why Choose Cloud Storage Solutions from us?

Easy Synchronizing and Sharing

Smooth access distribution in a secure cloud environment for easy collaboration and migration.

One Vendor Convenience

Working with a single trusted vendor for data, voice, productivity, security, and cloud solutions is more convenient.

Migration Assistance

Support that adheres to industry standards and applies to all deployment scenarios

Unrivaled Security

Data security across multiple servers while minimizing hardware faults and data attacks.

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