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DevSecOps-Centric Security: Necessity for Secure Development

DevOps has enabled the development of customized software and business applications in much less time by aligning development and operations teams. However, in most cases, security has not been prioritized in DevOps implementation and is frequently viewed as a barrier to rapid development.

Despite the fact that organizations are increasingly focused on breaking down traditional silos between development, testing, and operations teams, many of them have not integrated security into their development process, leaving them vulnerable to threats and vulnerabilities. This is where DevSecOps Services can help. Security is an important component of DevOps practices, according to the DevSecOps approach.

Integrate Tight Security at Each Step with DevSecOps Practices

  • DevSecOps Consulting & Advisory: Our cloud native professionals provide you with advice on the creation and execution of a strong cloud native security plan after carefully examining your organization's objectives and infrastructure.
  • Deploying Security Products: Our DevSecOps specialists can suggest the most appropriate security solutions, assist you in deploying and configuring them with a workable plan to meet your DevOps objectives, and find vulnerabilities before they affect your operations.
  • Audit and Compliant Ready: We help you adopt DevSecOps and cloud-based security technologies for advanced threat detection, threat intelligence, and vulnerability scanning to make you audit-ready and compliant.
  • Managed DevSecOps Services: Our DevSecOps team is equipped to handle any circumstance without interfering with your business activities, from threat prevention to mitigation.
DevSecOps Consulting Services
  • Obtain high security requirements without sacrificing development speed.
  • Faster delivery of code releases while assuring better security considerations.
  • Improving the security of applications using current CI/CD pipelines by integrating it with DevSecOps.
  • Assisting in obeying the laws like the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Recognizing the loopholes and barriers that currently prevent the strictest security standards from being followed.
  • Assisting in application security tool selection for continual vulnerability management to address vulnerabilities as soon as they arise.

DevSecOps Integration with Robust Security

CloudFence Technologies has been a key differentiator in assisting various organizations by offering DevSecOps Services across geographies and building a cultural base on trust and engagement.

Our DevSecOps services have assisted customers in achieving a variety of benefits, including the modernization of an existing legacy system for a mortgaged farm, an improvement in application rollout time for a retail supply chain, & many more. Here is the list of the essential DevSecOps tools that are majorly used for DevOps pipelines:

  • Log Management Tools
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Threat Modeling Tools
  • Alerting Tools

Transform with innovation & intelligence of DevSecOps Solutions

DevOps allows for faster development of customized software and applications. Security is frequently regarded as a potential impediment to rapid development in the vast majority of cases.

This is where CloudFence Technologies' DevSecOps services step in. Our DevSecOps practices include making security a priority in cybersecurity DevOps practices. Our comprehensive continuous assessment, analysis, and monitoring ensure that all flaws and vulnerabilities are identified early in the development process.

Utilize a comprehensive map of potential weak points to assess technical and business risk.

Expand and reconfigure processes to enable early detection of compliance and security issues.

Increase security coverage with regular assessments, resulting in faster secure app development
Identify security flaws and attack scenarios and incorporate security controls into the project scope.
Identify missing security controls and make them easier to implement at the configuration level.
Provide expert security knowledge and tailor-made solutions to design and development teams.
DevSecOps Approach

Why Choose us for DevSecOps Offerings?

CloudFence Technologies is one of the emerging firm that offers complete DevSecOps Consulting Services and Solutions. We are specialize in assessing, implementing, and supporting our clients' DevSecOps initiatives for differnt levels of IT projects.

  • Ensure Total Compliance: Compliance is crucial. Ensure complete regulatory compliance at all stages of development. ISO Certifications that are industry and region compliant.
  • Quality, & Speed: Deliver a complete user experience while bringing a product to market faster. Ensure maximum quality by identifying bugs on time & responding to security incidents even faster.
  • Threat Elimination: Continuous security enablement & vulnerability assessment powered by 40+ security tools & technologies to eliminate security threats & vulnerabilities at an early stage.
  • Experience Innovation: Best-in-class disaster recovery and innovative threat management strategies power comprehensive security and managed services.

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