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Not just another Tech Company - Our Story

CloudFence.ai is a emerging global leader in next-generation Technology Consulting and Business Transformation solutions. We aspire to touch the lives of millions of people, through information technology and listen to their challenges.

Company Foundation

Our company was conceptualized in June 2021 with a mission to assist businesses in achieving their objective through innovative solutions while maintaining a high quality standard. Driven by a vision to craft world class consulting and technology Solutions, our team consists of dedicated professionals and multi skilled employees, which sets this organization apart from others.

Cloudfence.ai has emerged as a topnotch Technology Firm that helps organizations streamline their digital portfolios with tech-driven solutions. Values are the guidelines that help us build relations with partners, customers, other market players, and colleagues. We all share these principles. With a dynamic leader, talented resources, and a well-defined goal, Cloudfence is climbing new heights at a steady pace.

Mission For Future

  • Empower people and organizations to foster a relationship with their clients, built on trust, integrity, and mutual respect.
  • Strive for excellence in all that we do. Address projects with a client-centric and result-driven approach integrated with best practices and reliability.
  • Help organizations streamline their Digital portfolio and move on to the visible glass panel for easy management.
  • Ambitious to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions to clients aims to improve Quality & ROI of services.

Milestones Till Date

  • Q4 - 2022


    Hiked on Revenue & Stabilization

  • Q3 - 2022


    Moving on to a new adventure, Relocated to a New Workplace

  • Q2 - 2022


    Prestigious Awards in Rows

  • Q1 – 2022


    Expanded Team Size & Leading OEMS and Customers Onboard

  • Q4 - 2021


    In-depth Market Research & Developed our own Centre of Excellence (COE)

  • Q3 - 2021


    Scaled the team - Enjoy the Spirit of Joy & Entered the Real Enterprise World

  • Q2 - 2021


    Establishment - Building the Future with Tech

Connect With Our Experts


Connect With Our Experts