Data Protection and Backup as a Services

With our security, backup, and disaster recovery services, you can protect, secure, and recover your data. With deep instinct's innovative deep-learning cybersecurity technology, we assist clients in adopting a prevention-first approach, that results in risk mitigation.

Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Backups

Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Backups

Simplify your organization’s day-to-day data protection and Disaster Recovery functions with our comprehensive portfolio of Backup as a Service (BaaS) offerings. Our integrated Backup Services protect the enterprise systems, applications, and data that are most important to your business.

With Data Protection & Backup as a Service, we provide businesses that want to achieve information resiliency and operational recovery across enterprise data assets with a wide selection of on-site, off-site, and hybrid information protection solutions.

Get Recovery Support, top-notch security with data encryption and network firewalls, disaster recovery with multiple data centers and many more.

Enterprise Backup and Recovery

We provide multilayered approach to threat prevention and protection. Our prevention-first approach mitigates risks before they arise with our revolutionary deep-learning cybersecurity technology. Let us see some benefits of BaaS that are accelerating this worldwide adoption.

  • We can save a lot of Time and Efforts that you put in managing it
  • Your on-premise backup solution cost can be eliminated with us
  • By choosing BaaS, you can access your data whenever and anywhere from remote access
  • Ensures Continuous Business Operations as your data can be restored safely
  • Offers Easy Scaling by adding or removing as much storage as required
Enterprise Backup and Recovery
Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Backups

Why do you need Cloud Backup?

CloudFence cybersecurity experts helps in safeguarding your organization against Data Loss, Security Breaches, & Operational Downtime.

Our SaaS-based web console oversee and manage everything in one place. Using cloud storage in your backup plan will help you maintain your data. We address this challenge by providing constant cyber security so that the storage of remote data won't make you slower. Indeed, we can save your time while backing up files and provide quick access when you need them with CloudFence’s BaaS as a service.

  • Greater access : While connected to the internet, you can access your files from anywhere.
  • Better protection : Protect your data by segregating it from local device malfunction, cyber threats, and natural calamities.
  • Less downtime : increases automation and efficiency, which reduces downtime and ensures data compliance.

Your only option for data security and protection is an integrated solution.

Our processes and technology ensure that your data is always protected. We offer cutting-edge backup services that are safe, dependable, and affordable, such as:

Use our dependable and affordable long-term data retention solution to store data, protect it, and get easy access to it whenever you need it.

We assist you in backing up your data safely to public clouds, such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Storage, and others.

Protect Your Data with our easy-to-use, efficient, and secure backup solution. We help you back up your data to any storage location and quickly restore specific files, applications, or entire systems.
We ensure you do not lose any in case of malware infection by continuously backing up changes to critical applications between scheduling backups.
Utilize our quick, effective, and secure backup solution to take complete control of your data and safeguard mission-critical applications.
Utilize our easy-to-manage, reliable, infrastructure-free cloud backup solution to effortlessly protect all of your data and devices.
We make sure that your vital business workloads are always accessible, which makes your infrastructure reliable and economical.
We provide a quick, effective, and secure backup solution to guard against data loss and downtime for your cloud applications.
Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Backups

Flexible Backup Management

One of the most important characteristics of any backup solution is flexibility. There are no two companies with the same IT infrastructure, and the solution should be able to work with any options set.

  • One-Stop-Shop Console
  • Multi-Platform Flexible Backup
  • Extensive Backup Management Capabilities
  • Scalability

Feature and Flexibility

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection and solutions:

Cloud Backup


Snapshot Backup

Incremental Backup

Why CloudFence Technologies for Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery

The average downtime from a ransomware attack is 23 days, and yet, 73% of organizations are unable to tolerate more than two hours of downtime. With CloudFence Technologies' backup and disaster recovery solutions, you can quickly restore your physical, virtual, and cloud systems from a wide range of small- or large-scale business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios.

Data protection map

Monitor the protection status of files with classification, reporting, and unstructured data analytics.

Smart protection plan

Auto-adjust patching, scanning, and backup to current CPOC alarms.

Next-gen Continuous Data Protection

Avoid even the smallest data loss in key applications.

Forensic backup

Image-based backup with valuable, additional data added to backups.

Better protection with fewer resources

Offload and enable more aggressive scans and vulnerability assessments in central storage, including the cloud.

Global and local allowlists

Create allowlists from backups to support more aggressive heuristics by preventing false detections.

Safe endpoint recovery

Integrate anti-malware updates and patches into the recovery process.

Fail-safe patching

Automatically back up endpoints before installing any patches to roll back immediately.'s Digital Transformation

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  • 25 Strong Alliances Partnership with Leading OEMs
  • 3K Total number of followers on all digital platforms
  • 15 Seater COE & MNOC capabilities
  • 30 start-up to enterprise customers onboarded

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