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Modernizing Legacy of your Data Center

Data centres are changing at a breakneck pace, not only technologically, but also strategically. Because of data centres' rising involvement in all commerce, new business models arise, allowing them to exploit cloud architectures, embrace low-latency edge computing, attain 400G bandwidth, and more. CloudFence Technologies is dedicated to providing new data centre solutions that transform data center disruption into commercial opportunities.

Configure your IT infrastructure

We can assist in removing the guesswork from future-ready data centre planning. The next-generation data centre eliminates many of the barriers that have hampered IT to date, resulting in a simpler, more adaptable infrastructure capable of responding to disruptive changes, melting technology silos, and integrating legacy and new architectures into a single, manageable ecosystem.

Our team of specialists can help you with initial assessment and consulting, strategy development and design, implementation support, and operational services.


Our Scalable Solutions

Our global team of tech strategists, enterprise architects and transformation experts help harness technology and innovation as a way to reinvent every business.

Network Management

Backup Solutions

SD-WAN Solution

Network Security

Data Center Virtualization

Data Center Optimization

Data Center Relocation

Data Center Routing & Switching

Data Center Server

SAN & Data Protection

Data Center Renovation

Data Center Smart Automation

Integrated data center solutions

Server room solutions

Why choose us for Data Center Solution?

Power your business to grow sustainably with reliable digital infrastructure built to the highest standards for you.

  • Scalable Scalability that goes with the flow
  • Reliable Consistency you can depend on wherever you are
  • Flexible High flexibility to mirror your agility
  • Efficient Powering innovation that won’t cost the earth

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