is now ISO-9001:2015 Certified

CloudFence Technologies, an emerging Business Consulting Service Provider which is now certified by ISO - International Organization for Standardization - International Organization for Standardization for ISO 9001:2015” for its Quality Management System practices(QMS).

With ISO 9001:2015, we reiterate our commitment to quality!

CloudFence Technologies is dedicated to providing the highest quality services and solutions to our clients all over the world. With an ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management System, we are committed to meeting our clients' needs the first time, every time. We strictly adhere to our ISO Certification so that our clients can have confidence in our abilities to meet their IT outsourcing needs of any volume and complexity. To ensure compliance with international quality standards and to provide the best quality experience to each of our clients, we track, appraise, and improve our processes and procedures on a regular basis.

Quality Assurance by ISO-9001:2015 Certification is well known for managing and helping organizations with Best-in-Class Consulting & Technology Solutions across the Industry. The recognition reflects the importance we place to meet our quality objectives such as Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Service Quality, Timely Delivery of Services, Process Quality, and Continual Improvement.

We at follows the best of the needed ISO 90001: 2015 Standards and is Certified on the below practices:

  • Management and Technology Consulting
  • Cloud and Digital Transformation
  • Risk and Cyber Practices
  • SaaS and Software
  • MSP and COE practices(24*7 support, NOC, SOC, Cyber SOC)
  • Software and Development
  • Data Centre Solutions
  • Resourcing and Staffing
iso 27001 2013 Certified

What Does Our ISO-9001:2015 Certification Mean to You?

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified means that you can rely on our proven quality management system. We guarantee that all of our processes, documentation, and service upgrades meet the International Organization for Standardization's requirements. Our clients and associates can expect a consistent and high level of dependability and transparency from our services thanks to our ISO-9001:2015 Certification.

  • We are a dependable and respectable, quality-driven organisation, not some shady, fly-by-night operation.
  • We are constantly working to improve not only our service offerings, but also the overall customer experience.
  • We use a process-oriented approach to quality management, documenting and communicating our company processes thoroughly and transparently.
  • We strive to create a professionally stimulating culture and boost employee morale.
  • We ensure and maintain your operations' consistency.
  • We constantly track the progress of our services or solutions as they go through each stage of production, from client specifications to execution, internal quality assurance, and customer feedback.

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