Breached Password Protection

Breached Password Protection: Everything You Need To Know

With modernization comes great cyberthreats, which can be dangerous and financially impactful. Many organizations incorporate bolstering password policies to build a robust cybersecurity strategy. Cybercriminals use compromised accounts as their one of the favourite tactics to infiltrate business-critical environments. Unfortunately, compromising an account is much easier and requires less effort compared to the other attack vectors.

Cybersecurity experts recommend breached password detection as one of the essential types of password protection method. Most advanced cybercriminals often use known breached password lists in credential stuffing or password spraying attacks. In this blog, we will discuss some critical criteria to consider when your system administrator evaluates breached password protection solutions.

Why is it important for businesses to start thinking about breached password protection?

If a hacker gained unauthorized access to your computer, network, smartphone or tablet, it would cause a world of distress. Yet most of the amateurs think, “it could never happen to us.”

A password is unequivocally one of the most important figures we will ever have to choose in our lifetime. It acts as a security lock, a layer of protection for your entire organization and database that is either private, sacred or of importance to you.

Password hacking is one of the most common ways that hackers break into computer networks, so one can no longer rely on traditional passwords or compromise with breached password protection.

What is Breached Password Protection?

The Breached Password Protection list refers to a list of leaked passwords. If you are a system administrator, you can prevent users from using passwords that are listed. The list of leaked passwords is curated and is a combination of thousands of different sources of leaked passwords. This includes well known sources, as well as more incomprehensible sources. The master list contains several billion passwords which is regularly updated with new passwords.

How to configure Breached Password Protection?

We help users configure and enable breached password protection complete and express at the same time to help them verify if the password is in the list of leaked password’s list tend to be downloaded. If the leaked password is stored in your local environment, our team shall prevent the user from changing to that password. If it is not found in the list, the password will be checked against the online list and the user’s account will be flagged with a “must change password” notification.

The Importance Of Breached Password Protection

Breached password detection protects and notifies your users when their credentials are leaked by a data breach of a third party. Your system administrator can prevent access to your devices and network until the team has reset your system password.

Enabling breached password protection can help the organization maintain a continuously-updated collection of breached credentials, with hundreds of millions of entries updated regularly. All password-based login attempts are checked against this database, and any matches found, are blocked in real-time because, in many scenarios, users fail to notice that their password has been leaked.

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