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Partner Identity System

Build good work relationships with your co-workers, manager, customers, & other stakeholders. Business relationships, like any other type of interaction, need to be maintained on a constant basis. Mutual benefit and continuous communication are critical components of success. In the long run, having close and trustworthy contacts will provide you with an edge.

  • Visibility & control
  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Hands-off access management
  • Self-service functionality
  • Manage partners as organizations, not individual users

Maintain Corporate Relationship Virtually

  • Digital Acceleration & Identity Governance to streamline, enhance, amplify and strengthen your business operations
  • Partner identities are provisioned & coordinated
  • Application provisioning is automated
  • User roles, privileges, and credentials are managed
  • Administrators delegate responsibility
  • Administrators deploy applications easily and securely
  • Users self-manage their preferences & passwords
XeDigital Features

Why Digital Identity System is Important?

Simplified, Secure, Automated Digital Identity Management system

In this Digital Era ,Identity management primarily refers to how personal information is collected, maintained, and accessed in a secure manner. While this may appear to be a straightforward task, many organizations make mistakes when it comes to creating, managing, and connecting customers' digital identities with physical security and core information management systems, be at employees, guests, visitors, partners, or others.

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Industry Benefits

  • Enhanced control over their user accounts’ accesses privileges
  • Access control that drills right down to individual applications, APIs, & service
  • Minimized risks of data breaches
  • Creating a brand trust by securing the organization for a better reputation as a compliant, reliable, & trustworthy business
  • Better user experience with features like SSO & customized interfaces
  • Cloud-based access & control over users & applications located anywhere in the world
  • Cross-organization onboarding made seamlessly – even when they have disparate systems in place
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XeDigital App Features

Power-up with our Visitor Management System that allows your employees, receptionist & visitors to be in sync at all times.

  • Touchless Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition
  • Real-Time Access Control
  • OTP Verification of Visitors
  • Host Notifications
  • Approval Based Entry
  • Analysis & Report
  • Company Branding
  • Badge Printing
  • XeDigital Mobile App & Web Version
  • Pre-Approval Based Entry
  • Social Login
  • Employee Registration and Login


It's a SaaS-based platform enables you with workforce automation to manage your Visitor, Guests, Partner Employees, Lobby, & Reception digital identity. This is built with the DNA of Face-Recognition, AI & ML to automate self-check-in, Face being only identity, Touchless system & QR-enabled features. This enhances the user experience, and productivity securing the digital identity of users and also enhances Workforce Attendance & Productivity Management.

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