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Remote & Hybrid Workforce Management

Manage Remote Employees | Monitoring Software

No matter where your employees are, you can manage hybrid and remote workforces with the visibility you require. Anywhere in the world, Remote makes it simple to onboard, record, and track your remote employees. Although your remote work policies may have already been reviewed, there may be some difficulties that firms must navigate in the work from home era. Our flexible management software can recognise these problems and find solutions. With remote workforce management software, you can now expand your team in the best possible way.

  • Time Tracking
  • Streamline Payroll
  • Boosts Employee Satisfaction
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Less Paper Usage
  • User-Friendly Interface
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Employee Self Service App

Virtually Manage Remote Employees & Temporary Manpower in the most unique way!

  • Employees can view and print their Payroll information
  • You can move your business towards paperless Payroll
  • Employees can track their own time and leaves directly from their Dashboard
  • Employees can easily update their personal information
  • The ESS software integrates with your payroll software
  • The HR can share policies with all the employees via the app
  • Employees have 24*7 access to their information
  • It saves time and manual workload of the Admin and HR people via the recordkeeping functionality of our software
XeDigital Features

Get Clear Analytics & Visibility in Your Organization

  • Workforce Efficiencies: Maintain a healthy work culture
  • Securing Employee Information:Store Employee Data
  • Mitigate Compliance Risk: is incredibly flexible & easy-to-use
  • HR Data Analytics & Metrics:Real-time visibility into time, attendance
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Why Choose XeDigital for Your Office?

HR Benefits

Human Resource (HR) Benefits

  • Track employee attendance
  • Maintain each employee profile easily
  • Ease for approval/disapproval of leaves, attendance regularization
  • Employee payrolls management
  • Holidays Management
Employees Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • Click base punch in & punch out attendance
  • Dashboard Management
  • Employees can regularize their attendance
  • View their visitor’s list
  • Authority to access their leaves, holidays, HR Policy, payroll, and incoming visitors

Admin Benefits

  • Track employee attendance
  • Visitor management & records
  • Improve physical security
  • Improve access management
  • Holidays Management
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XeDigital App Features

  • Touchless Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition
  • Real-Time Access Control
  • OTP Verification of Visitors
  • Host Notifications
  • Approval Based Entry
  • Analysis & Report
  • Company Branding
  • Badge Printing
  • XeDigital Mobile App & Web Version
  • Pre-Approval Based Entry
  • Social Login
  • Employee Registration and Login
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a mobile-based attendance system that help users record employee’s attendance, record events, and then process these data automatically to payroll, timesheets, and event logs.
AMS is simplified into two applications, which run on a mobile device called XeDigital. The attendance application help employees to sign on and sign off from the work station. The management can access the information from their office computers or phones. The web-admin contains reports that can be downloaded into common formats such as excel workbook or pdf files.
By implementing an AMS software in your organization, you shall reduce your administrative cost by 20-30%. You need not pay employees who never attended their work place. You can cut down the cost and time spent on site by keeping the people on schedule at all times, with hourly report of activities.
ESS stands for Employee Self Service. It allows employees to access the software and make changes to their information, when needed. The employee can apply for leave directly via ESS feature and also view their leave history.
With the combination of thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology, our device will help detect faces using advance face recognition algorithm. A next-gen touchless attendance system based on facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture and recognize the face of your employees.
Our software offers an unlimited number of employee check-in and check-out in a single day.
Get connected with our expert team to understand the pricing and features of our AMS software. You can also browse through the website to make a well-known decision.

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