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Businesses that can make wise decisions quickly thrive in the Transformative Age. And no decision is more important than deciding with whom to collaborate. To remain competitive, the most agile organizations collaborate with a variety of third parties. All of these connections are important, but they all introduce risk: cyber risk, regulatory risk, brand risk, and so on.

CloudFence.ai teams provide a comprehensive range of services to help you make better decisions about who you work with and how you manage third-party risk. We work closely with you to develop a customized TPRM program that aligns with your business objectives, complies with regulations, and protects your organization from various risks associated with third-party relationships.

Our TPRM services cover the following areas

  • Third-party risk assessment: We help you identify and evaluate the risks associated with your third-party relationships by assessing their security posture, data handling practices, and compliance with regulations.
  • Third-party due diligence: We help you conduct due diligence on third-party vendors and suppliers to ensure they meet your company's security and compliance standards.
  • Contract negotiation and review: We help you negotiate and review contracts with third-party vendors and suppliers to ensure they comply with your company's policies and regulations.
  • Ongoing monitoring and management: We help you continuously monitor your third-party relationships to detect any changes in their security posture or compliance with regulations and take appropriate actions to mitigate any risks.
  • Training and awareness: We help you raise awareness among your employees and third-party partners of the importance of TPRM and provide training to ensure they understand and comply with your policies and regulations.

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