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enables you to create, scale, and manage security in the cloud, hybrid, and traditional environments. It helps you to adopt secure cloud computing at your own pace. Sonic Wall secures popular SaaS applications with a single security tool that does not require the installation of any hardware or software. With simple API connections to business-critical SaaS applications such as G Suite, Office 365, and others, you can quickly protect users regardless of location. They are the backbone protecting your data as one of the leading cyber-security companies, and with SonicWall on your side, you can do more business with less fear.

Want to Secure anyone, anything on your own terms? trusted partner of Sonic Wall solves security and connectivity challenges for cloud-native and hybrid environments. It secures access to cloud and on-premises applications and virtualized workloads.

Sonic Wall Product Offerings

Network Security 

  • Next-generation firewall for small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and governments.
  • Comprehensive network security protection for your network security solution.
  • For today's security landscape, modern security management is required.

Advanced Threat Protection

  • Advanced threat detection with multiple engines
  • Modern threat landscape requires advanced threat protection.

Access Security

  • Zero-Trust Security can be set up in minutes.
  • Remote, best-in-class security
  • Wi-Fi that is simple to use, fast, and secure
  • For business connectivity, high-speed network switching is used.

Email Security

  • Protect yourself from today's sophisticated email threats.

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Apps: Visibility and Security
  • Cloud-based next-generation firewall capabilities

Endpoint Security

  • Stop advanced threats and rollback the damage caused by malware
  • Control who has access to unwelcome and unprotected web content.

Sonic Wall solutions-

1. Distributed Enterprises- SonicWall solutions protect this distributed ecosystem comprehensively from advanced threats, enable regulatory compliance, and are easily and affordably deployed and managed from a single pane of glass.

2. Retail & Hospitality- Our SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall with Capture Advanced Threat Protection service gives you peace of mind by ensuring that even suspicious-looking files are thoroughly vetted before entering your network.

3. K -12 Education - K-12 schools must secure wireless networks, cloud apps, and endpoints while stretching budgets through various funding initiatives in order to provide safe in-class and distance-learning experiences to a growing student population.

4. Higher Education- Higher education and information technology are more inextricably linked than ever before, and ensuring a safe, dependable user experience in today's complex higher education ecosystem necessitates unified network security

5. State & Local- State and local governments must protect themselves against increasingly targeted and stealthy. Sonic Wall solutions help to meet compliance, ease management and reduce costs by blocking emerging threats.

6. Federal- Cybersecurity solutions certified by the United States Government for administrative, intelligence, and military organizations and agencies

7. Healthcare- SonicWall's advanced network security solutions are used by over 13,000 healthcare organizations worldwide to meet compliance requirements. SonicWall solutions that are simple to use and inexpensive help to improve network efficiency and reduce cyber security risks in healthcare.

8. Financial Services- SonicWall, trusted by over 6,000 financial services organizations worldwide, provides robust, manageable network information security in financial services, with solutions that extend network resource protection down to the branch level.

9. Carriers- Carriers require a resilient network security solution to meet their massive data and capacity requirements due to stringent uptime requirements to deliver enhanced and reliable voice, video, and data services.

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Why Sonic Wall is a problem solver?

1. Deploy what works for you — where it works for you- By providing on-premises, cloud-based and as-a-service options, SonicWall helps you deploy what works for your architecture and evolve secure cloud adoption at your pace.

2. Solve security and connectivity challenges for cloud-native and hybrid environments- Mix and match security products to create or enhance cloud-native and hybrid deployment models that fit your current needs and bridge a path to a more virtualized reality.

3. Secure access to cloud and on-premises applications and virtualized workloads- Leverage modern zero-trust capabilities to easily and quickly connect remote users to on-premises resources, cloud-hosted applications, branch offices, and public clouds — all without installing hardware.

4.Protect distributed and remote workforces- Safeguard remote employees and mobile workers with virtualized security options. Easily deploy security across multiple locations — with minimal IT support — using Zero-Touch Deployment capabilities.

5.Reduce costs and downtime- Manage remote users, devices, and applications from anywhere in the world. SonicWall’s cloud-native architecture eliminates the need to service physical appliances, scheduled downtime, and build out expensive redundancies.

6.Collaborate securely in cloud-first world- Secure common SaaS applications with a single security tool that requires no hardware or software installation. Quickly protect users, regardless of location, with convenient API connections to business-critical SaaS applications, including G Suite, Office 365 and more.

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CloudFence is a Technology Consulting Firm, we help our clients to innovate faster & better by leveraging Cloud, Automation, SaaS & Cyber. We offer best-in-class experience by offering high-quality services for clients in their Digital Transformation journey with our combination of expertise, execution, and experience.

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