10 Best IT Consulting Startups

We are thrilled to announce that CloudFence.ai has won the 10 Best IT Consulting Startups 2022 by SiliconIndia Startup City.

As this exclusive edition highlights the list of the 10 Best IT Consulting Startups, Silicon India has commended CloudFence Technologies for establishing a new benchmark for the new-age business world with their wide range of expertise in the core sector. The award was aimed at recognizing not just outstanding startups and ecosystem enablers that have built innovative solutions but also generated employment and wealth and have had some social impact.

Most Promising Startups, Silicon India

CloudFence.ai has embraced a tremendous evolution toward designing and implementing complex business solutions for various companies and industries, from strategic advisory services to technical support. And alongside, it has continually held up and encouraged the team for the company & success.

As the saying goes: "Teamwork makes the dream work."This honor reflects the #cloudfenceians passion who have worked like a well-oiled engine for the common goal and success.

We would also like to thank our business partners and customers, who are part and parcel of our success without being energized.

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