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Cybersecurity that prevents threats at faster speed, greater scale, and higher accuracy than humanly possible. SentinelOne employs their one platform to prevent, detect, respond, and hunt across all enterprise assets. See something that has never been seen before. Control the uncontrollable. Everything is done at machine speed. They are not just changing the game but setting up new standards. Probably redefining cybersecurity by pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology.

We are defenders, leaders, and innovators pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity.

CloudFence.ai partner of SentinelOne helps with autonomous technology, that create sustainable advantage, not momentary edge. By putting our customers first, we turn traditional customer relationships into true partnerships.

SentinelOne Products Offerings –

1. Singularity Cloud - Container & Cloud Workload Security

2. Singularity Identity – Identity Security

3. SentinelOne Data – Scalable Data Management

4. Singularity Mobile - Mobile Threat Défense

5. Singularity Ranger - Network Visibility & Control

6. Singularity Ranger AD – Active Directory Security

7. Singularity Hologram – Adversary Deception


SentinelOne Services –

sentinelone solutions

1. Vigilance Respond Pro – 24*7 MDR with full scale investigation and response

2. Vigilance Response MDR – Dedicated SOC expertise & Analysis

3. Watch Tower Pro Threat Hunting – Dedicated Threat Hunting and Compromise Assessment

4. Watch Tower Threat hunting – Hunting for active campaigns and emerging threats

5. Sentinelone Go – Guided Onboarding and Deployment Advisory

6. Support Services - Tiered Support Options for every organization

7. Technical Account Management – Customer Success with Personalised Services

CloudFence.ai & SentinelOne aiming to stop breaches

From the edge to the cloud. From the Internet of Things device to the container. Data has become the foundation of our way of life, and its protection is critical for organisations. Harnessing its power at any time is also the solution to defeating tomorrow's evolving and emergent cyber threats. The integrated Singularity Platform uses enterprise-scale data to make precise, context-driven decisions autonomously, at machine speed, and without human intervention.

• Real Time Endpoint protection – CloudFence.ai uses SentinelOne’s multiple algorithms protect against the widest array of threat vectors. Managing your endpoints, CloudFence.ai and SentinelOne eliminate dependency on connectivity, cloud latency, and human intervention. On-device AI prevents known and unknown threats in real time.

• Active Detection & Response – CloudFence.ai manages, detects, and responds to endpoint security threats. SentinelOne enables devices to defend and heal themselves by stopping processes, quarantining, remediating, and even rolling back events to surgically keep endpoints clean indefinitely. This enables faster responses and more sophisticated threat detection.

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CloudFence is a Technology Consulting Firm, we help our clients to innovate faster & better by leveraging Cloud, Automation, SaaS & Cyber. We offer best-in-class experience by offering high-quality services for clients in their Digital Transformation journey with our combination of expertise, execution, and experience.

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Skill, Talent, and Availability: We specialize in customizing the cloud solutions for new and future IoT industries. Our pool of intellectual minds offers extensive IT exposure to India and overseas.

Scalability and Execution: We are best-known for attaining quick scalability with Zero Downtime

Mission Critical: 24x7x365 M-NOC support with a large team to address our clientele.

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We work with a wide range of companies all over the world. At every stage and across all business functions, our partners profit from our transparent and responsive working culture. We collaborate closely with our partners and their clients, bringing value to the table through our experience, expertise, and services.

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