We Build, Manage, and Monitor Network Security

With fast-paced technology, there is more data, accessibility, innovation with increasing threats to network and security. Along with the expansion, the organization needs to focus on security else their credibility may vanish in the market. For CloudFence, security is the FIRST PRIORITY. Our services will strengthen your security posture by learning, adapting and constantly protecting your network. Our Offerings include:

Routing and Switching | Policy and Access | WAN and LAN Controllers | Email and Web Security

Our Network Security Services Include

Readiness Assessment

to determine readiness to deploy, support and derive value from given technology.

Technology Summit

to facilitate buying decisions by providing a base of knowledge for all stakeholders.

Technology Assessment

to validate technology decisions and determine the best fit for the organization.

Architecture Review

to ensure that infrastructure aligns with business requirements.

Wireless Site Survey

to determine the placement of access points and optimize WLAN deployment.

Network Mapping

to provide the network team with visibility into the complete network.

Managed Security Service

to monitor the health and security of the network as a remote extension of the organization's security staff.

Training Services

to determine the placement of access points and optimize WLAN deployment.

Vulnerability Management

Advanced Vulnerability Scanning, Managed policy compliance, PCI Scanning, Vulnerability threat prioritization.

With us, you can

Think about all of the risks you’re taking without having your business protected by network security. Are you willing to risk your business’ reputation? What about your data? Or even your entire company? If not, you need network security to make sure none of these things are put at risk.
Never lose sleep over stressing about your business’ security. We will handle everything so that you don’t have to. Now you have more time to focus on making your business even more successful because you know it’s safe.
Unexpected things happen – that’s just life. But wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared for the unexpected? Well, you can be. When disaster strikes, we will help your business recover quickly, whether you’ve suffered a security breach, natural disaster, or anything else that might happen.

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Connect With Our Experts