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India has transformed into one most emerging countries in the world. End numbers of startups have been established in the last year, making India the fastest-growing ecosystem.

India is home to more than 39,000 startups, and in 2021 alone, we have seen 44 unicorn startups in India overtaking the U.K. to become the country with the 3rd highest number of unicorns.

In addition, the overall valuation of startups in India surpassed $1 billion despite the pandemic, which indicates that there are many Top Startups in India in 2022.

And in that top list, has been recognised as “The Most Promising startup 2022" by “The Alden Global” in the category Cloud and Data Centre.

Top Cloud and Data Centre startup
Top Cloud and Data Centre startup

Cycle Of Selection

Alden Global Value Advisors did research on Top Cloud and Data Centre startup in India.Where they took the feedback from hundreds of Industry leaders from MNC & Indian companies .The two key parameters which are dominant in their decision making:

  • 1. Organisation’s vision:

    It indicates the vision of the organisation to develop a strategic solution for busnisses. The organisation’s vision should also have a robust foundation of purpose, strategy, innovation, financial ability, technical capability, market responsiveness, and reach.

  • 2. Usability:

    It indicates the ability of a solution to enhance user efficiency, effectiveness, and experience through its functions & features.

    Inflection India’s Top Cloud and Data Centre Award is the most prestigious “People Choice Award” for any technology solution provider.

Most Promising Startup 2022 in the category The Top Cloud and data centre have been chosen by Alden Global Value Advisors research based on organisation’s vision & Usability of the solution and are now open for a vote by the public to rank.

Efforts Behind The Success

The face behind the success is non other than passionate team worthing together for same goals and mission. CloudFence cannot be more thankful to all the supporting team member, business partner and customers for this astonishing recognition.

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