Surge Day Activity: Empowering Cloud Security with Microsoft and CloudFence

Gratitude and Collaboration at Surge Day!

CloudFence.ai and Microsoft teamed up with full strength, gaining valuable insights into upcoming products and aligning our strategies for business transformation.

This event was a focussed day dedicated for customer call out and enablement campaigns about the latest Microsoft MWP Solutions. We had interacted with the customers to share the latest updates on Microsoft Product, Security and Co-pilots.

A big thank you to Sandeep Telang and Pankaj Rana from Microsoft for giving your valuable time to #cloudfenceians and spreading awareness on how we can help organizations collaborate on documents, build innovative solutions, and maintain customer relationships to grow their business. The event was a success, and we learned a lot about Microsoft products.

A big thanks to the V5 Microsoft team for conducting the Surge Day Activity!

It was truly an interactive day and we are privileged to showcase and interact with customers to share the latest updates on Microsoft products and services.

Excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, we are geared up for a fantastic second half of the fiscal year! 🚀 Here's to a year of growth, innovation, and success!

Let's embrace the power of the cloud together!

Connect With Our Experts


Connect With Our Experts