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Digital Marketing During COVID-19– Sailing Businesses Across New Horizons

In a matter of months, lifestyle and perspectives have shifted so dramatically that for brands and companies, the relevance of online presence has never been more important. With the ongoing pandemic crisis, companies had to come up with new plans and strategies in a short span to construct the marketing road ahead.

As a result, the need for customer-curated experiences has stolen the limelight. The impact of experiential marketing is huge, as it is all about immersing consumers in live experiences via the website, webinars, and landing pages.

Considering that people were confined to their homes during the lockdown period, they have been spending more time online now than ever before. This increase in the number of users has had companies, influential brands, and tech enterprises produce more and more content for the users to consume. Since millions of people continue to surge their time spent on the internet, brands have realized that it is crucial to remain at the front of their target audience to stay ahead in the race.

COVID-19 has changed the work culture of every company overnight. As per the records, organizations using digital marketing have witnessed 18% more digital sales growth than those who failed to retain their foothold during these tough times.

Can Digital Marketing Help Revive My Business?

The nationwide lockdown has certainly halted many business processes including manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and marketing. For those who are looking for a quick-fix, here is a piece of advice, “Digital marketing is not a quick-fix solution to regain your business’s lost momentum.” That said, one has to keep things flexible, after all, if there are provisions for alterations in your business strategy, you could always adapt in any situation.

This is a difficult time for the entire world. You are not alone in this mess. As an employer, you need to keep your employees motivated to ensure the work doesn’t get delayed or stopped entirely. Since 2020, customer behavior has drastically changed and has become very unpredictable. Markets are closed, necessities are running out of stock, consumers are laid back at home, among which, a large number of buyers have either lost their job or have limited source of earning. Today, we have a completely different market to serve.

As one of the well-renowned digital marketing companies in Gurgaon, we have designed and curated pro-tips one needs to implement during the pandemic. You shall start with:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Know whether your product is still in demand. Improvise, if not.
  • Keep track of how the users behave on your website

If your product is in demand, you can draw in a huge amount of traffic to your website through digital strategies and implementations. If the situation is otherwise, you can still lure more new consumers by offering them discounts and lockdown special offers.

Digital Marketing Strategies to help revive your business

In 2020, we have witnessed many brands and marketers feel uncertain to survive all the unpredictable events unfolding almost every day. But digital marketing has become a global boon for businesses, even in these uncertain times. Although digital marketing has been an integral part of marketing strategies for businesses for several years, it was this year of the pandemic that made them comprehend and leverage the true potential of Digital Marketing. Here are a few things you can do to revive your fallen customers and targeted audience:

Stay connected with your audience

Simply creating a Facebook business page won’t serve your marketing agenda. There are many other social media platforms where you can connect with your potential customers during these hard times. Deliver them engaging content and they are likely to remember your name. If you belong to the healthcare industry, engage with patients to solve their health concerns. You can also share tips to remain healthy during the pandemic, create a short video on yoga and exercises, and so on. The goal is to keep your audience engaged, informed, and entertained.

Create a Goodwill

People always remember the good things your business has done during their tough times. Goodwill may not help you increase your sales instantly, but people will take interest in your brand once they start spending in the future. For instance, many alcohol manufacturing companies started donating high-quality ethanol to help manufacture more hand sanitizers.

Improve your online presence

People are spending more time online than ever before. The enforced free time has given them more opportunities to sell and purchase potential items online. Until pandemic, organizations would devote part of their marketing budget to host events, shows, and exhibitions. However, the face-to-face meetings have got quite challenging due to social distancing norms and the sudden spike in COVID cases. This is where digital marketing can help you sail the boat since it requires no physical interaction yet guaranteed results.

Focus on SEO

You may have created the most unique website for your company, but what if people can’t find it online? Any business that owns a website needs to operate on strong SEO principles to rank top on the Google search rank. The goal of SEO is very simple – Whenever your potential customer search for keyword terms related to your business niche, your website’s posts, contents, and pages come up in their search result. During the crisis, your competitors will be having a hard time reviving their company than think about the quality of their websites. This is the right time to implement an exceptional SEO that gives you an excellent opportunity to be ahead of others when things get back to normal.

Final Thoughts

No human was prepared for this pandemic and we are still uncertain when it shall end and we can go back to our old, happy, fearless life. But one cannot lay back and suffer failure at these hours of uncertainty. Revive your business by implementing a robust digital marketing strategy designed by industry’s well-renowned expert digital marketers.

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