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"Not all dreamers are achievers, but all achievers are dreamers. Your dream is the key to your Success”

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Subhash Kumar Mishra - CTO of has been recently bestowed as the Young Entrepreneur from the Indian Achievers Award Federation 2022. From a Technocrat to an Entrepreneur, Mr. Subhash Kumar Mishra’s challenging yet successful Journey soars as high as the sky.

From the Desk of Subhash Kumar Mishra

“My journey from Technocrat to Entrepreneur began with the goal of offering clients flexible and cost-effective solutions that improve service quality and ROI”, says Subhash Kumar Mishra, founder of CloudFence. This was how he intended to launch his own firm. The reason behind choosing the name was to express the idea that CloudFence will be enclosed or protected by a fence around one’s Cloud environment. Mr. Mishra aims to build CloudFence a world-class IT firm with satisfied customers all around the world. The organization aims to provide highly effective Cloud Services, SaaS, CloudSec & Cyber and Digital Transformation solutions to clients from varied industries.

He personally believes that Life is full of challenges, and overcoming them is what makes it worthwhile. One of the challenges Mr. Mishra faced when he first started his entrepreneurial journey was assembling a team of people who were multi-talented and self-sufficient to tackle critical situations on their own. As a CTO, he believed in continually supporting and guiding his team, as well as encouraging them with his own experience. He believes it as one of the reasons for CloudFence’s continued success.

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Indian achievers award winner

Indian Achivers Award 2021-2022

For many people, Mr. Mishra is best- known as a leader, visionary, technocrat, hustler, Consultant, Advisor, founder, investor and an entrepreneur. He has the expertise in building Multi Cloud Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure Solutions, Cross-Functional business systems, Robust Cybersecurity platform, Integrated 24 x7 SOC (Security Operation Centre) platform & NOC (Network Operation Centre).

He has successfully delivered 100+ IT Infrastructure & Cybersecurity projects, co-created several IT domains from scratch and has also implemented successful change from legacy data centers to world-class multi cloud infrastructure in various domains using multiple technologies. For this he won several technology accolades and awards (Global CISO 2020, CSO100: 2018 -19 | NEXT 100 (CIO): 2016 | InfoSec Maestro Award 2016: Most Promising CISO’s).

Never Stopping Tech Crave

Mr. Mishra’s area of expertise lies in managing the complete life cycle of project from scratch up to Operations which requires analysis, planning, designing, implementation and operations. That’s how he came up with Digital Identity Management System for Web & Android with AI & ML Integration. It’s a SaaS based platform enables one with the advance features to manage their guests, employees and partners digital identity. And the major feature offerings include – Access Management, Arogya Setu app integration, Covid 19 screening, Body temperature scan many more.

Not stopping to Consulting only, He brings the platform which can solve one of the complex problems of Digital Identity & Workforce Management ( ) using the power of Cloud, AI, ML & Facial Recognition. Adding more this is being delivered as a SaaS platform and Device Neutral ie you can run this to any Hardware or Browser of your choice. enables highly advance features to manage the guests, employees and partners digital identity with added feature to HRMS (Remote workforce)

Enclosing here, we would like to thank the Indian Achievers Forum for valuable recognition and all OEM, Distributors,Customers and Especially to the team who truly deserve this and helping company by all means.

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