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Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management refers to a business process in which you can organize, store, and retrieve digital data and rich media assets. These assets include photos, videos, animations, blogs, podcasts, and other multimedia content.

The DAM software tools were once used by only press, media, and publishing companies. However, its reliability and flexibility made large companies to incorporate it into content management systems. DAM is generally considered to be a subset of enterprise content management - a business process for organizing text documents, email and spreadsheets.

Categories of Digital Asset Management

There are several categories of Digital Asset Management, which includes:

  • Brand Asset Management: It contains mostly marketing-related media and contents such as logos, ads, and social media posts.
  • Library Asset Management: It focus on storage and retrieval of infrequently changing media assets, such as photo archiving
  • Production Asset Management: It manage the assets being created on digital media platforms such as video games.
  • Cloud-based Asset Management: It allows the users to access the organization’s assets via mobile phones, laptops, and other devices.

Benefits of DAM

Quality content has always been a powerful market differentiator. It can help organizations resound with consumers, strengthen their brand awareness, and ultimately drive revenue.  No wonder why the demand for outstanding creative work is at an all-time high. Some of the major benefits of Digital Asset Management include:

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