Simplify Cost Optimization & Management with CloudFence

CloudFence offers strategy and operation consulting services that drive measurable cost optimization gains for our clients. Our cost optimization guidance is backed by our world-leading benchmarking and business best practices database. With this, we have completed 15,000 benchmarking engagements with major companies, that give clients unparalleled fact-based insight into the strategic and tactical drivers of world-class performance.

CloudFence can help your organization

  • Definition of process metrics, including finance, HR, and IT metrics, to help gauge your current operational performance and to measure your progress.
  • Benchmarking of your current performance in comparison to that of world-class organizations, in order to identify key performance gaps and to prioritize near-term and long-term areas for improvement.
  • Development of an optimized service delivery model, with careful consideration of sourcing options including shared services, outsourcing, and offshoring.
  • Business process engineering, including selection and implementation of proven best practices to drive cost optimization within each back-office function.

Benefits of our Cost Optimisation

Cost Savings: CloudFence will help you to turn complex planning into simple decisions that drive significant savings on your environment spend.

Proactive Utilization Planning: CloudFence will provide ongoing recommendations for your investments, optimizing overall IT consumption planning.

Intelligent Recommendations to Purchase: CloudFence provide proactive recommendations powered by machine-intelligence (MI) to improve your ROI.

Purchases Management: CloudFence will Identify opportunities to ensure all prepaid consumption targets are fully utilized or not.

Communication on Cost: CloudFence Schedule and share cost saving insights with team members to drive action and accountability

Spend As Projected: CloudFence will share a clear view of projected spending patterns for adjustable multiple time intervals

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