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Cloud Identity Management

Cloud Identity Management is not just a simple web app SSO solution. It is a holistic shift of the entire identity infrastructure to the cloud, including the identity provider, SSO, MFA, PAM, IGA, and much more. Moving to the cloud provides a theoretical infinite scalability to your enterprise’s IT environment, streamline business processes, consolidate your corporate assets, and ultimately improve your profit margin.

It offers the identity services and endpoint administration available in Google Workspace as a stand-alone product. As an administrator, one can use Cloud Identity for managing its users, apps, and devices from a centralized location—the Google Admin console.

Cyber Security & Threat Intelligence are one of the emerging Cybersecurity Consulting, Cloud and Managed Security Service provider.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Identity Management?

Our Modern Cloud Identity Management Solution allows you to:

  • Securely connect your employees with their devices, IT applications, files, and networks such as VPN or WiFi.
  • Leverage best in-class security via Zero Trust principles
  • Control the management overhead and improvise the security and user manageability
  • Virtually connect with all IT resources and HRIS integration
  • Connect with Cloud servers hosted at AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure to your existing AD or LDAP user store
  • Extend your existing AD and LDAP directory to the cloud
  • Manage your Windows, Linux, and Mac desktops, laptops, and servers limitless to the location
  • Connect user applications to leverage either LDAP or SAML-based authentication
  • Manage user access to VPN and WiFi networks securely
  • Provide system-based and application-level multi-factor authentication

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