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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Organizations – small or large- have seen their attack grow over the years. An attack surface mostly represents the sum total of all the ways in which a hacker can exploit an endpoint or network to retrieve data. Every endpoint connected to or that communicates with the network is part of the network attack surface.

Today’s attack surface for most organizations is broader and more complex than ever before due to various factors, such as the switch to a work from home (WFH) model, more personal smartphones and IoT devices connected to networks in unprecedented numbers

Upgrade your security with EDR

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the method of monitoring and detecting, in real-time, any suspicious activity or events taking place at the endpoint. The goal of EDR solutions is to allow your company transparency into threats on a detailed timeline and provide real-time alerts during the event of an attack. EDR, at its core, provide visibility — one of the most critical security capabilities.

As the attack surface amplifies, organizations are very much relying on endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions for the next level of visibility and to get alert on attacks that may not be triggered by firewall or IDS/IPS rules.


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EDR Detection Capabilities

  • Integrated security management – With all of your business-critical devices, including mobile devices, fixed endpoints, and server environments visible through a glass panel makes both managing and securing easier.
  • Protection against key threat vectors — In the current WFH (work from home) model, mobile endpoints must be protected against key threat vectors, both inside and outside the corporate network’s safe radius.
  • Identify and close security gaps — Gaps generated in endpoint security are often overlooked, as the amount of data, apps, and connections increase in number, so does its complexity. With improved visibility of your endpoints on the perimeter, these gaps can move at the forefront.

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