Simplified, secure access management for greater protection and efficiency

Simplify and achieve secure access management for users and groups while controlling costs. One Identity automates account creation, assigns access, streamlines on-going administration, and unifies identities, passwords, and directories.

Why is identity and access management important?

Cloud, mobile and IoT technologies are allowing businesses to be more agile, efficient and scalable. Employees have moved beyond the protections of firewalls and physical barriers to doing business from wherever they are, and customers are interacting through multiple channels and engaging with businesses in innovative new ways.

These amazing opportunities have stretched traditional perimeter-based security–guarding the entry and exit points of a designated network–past the breaking point. To keep up with modern threats, enterprises need to embrace a different paradigm, one that puts identity at the center of their security model.

Benefits of Access Management

Improving User Experiences: While this may seem the most obvious benefit, it deserves to be said: SSO eliminates the need for users to remember and input multiple passwords to access different areas of your system. Gone are the days of trying to keep dozens of password variations straight; with SSO, users can enjoy automatic logins every time they move to a different connected system.

Simplifies Auditing and Reporting: Consolidating user identities and passwords with SSO makes it easier for IT departments to audit where and how these user credentials are used. In the event that user credentials are compromised, IAM systems make it easier for IT departments to identify which user was compromised and which data was accessed during the breach.

Increases Productivity and Reduces IT Costs: The original benefit of SSO for IT departments was to eliminate the cost of internal help desks helping users locked out of their application accounts. IAM is purporting to do much more. By leveraging already existing identity stores such as Active Director or LDAP, IAM allows you to extend what you have into the future.

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