Proactive Monitoring services

24 x 7 Proactive Monitoring & Support

We, at CloudFence monitor your systems, deliver accurate and instant alerts to the right technician, so you can resolve the issue quick and efficiently to maintain a smooth workflow. Our network monitoring and network security is just what you need right now. Why wait for the system to fail, our 24/7 monitoring will alert us the problem and the sites effected to take quick action and prevent future reoccurrence.

24x7 is most appropriate for organizations in which the IT infrastructure is extremely critical to the business and a few seconds of downtime can cost millions in revenue. Typically, the industrial sector demands such type of monitoring as any downtime generated can decrease the production and cause a great damage to the equipment. We provide world-class, high-tech NOC services because we understand that it is vital for your business to ensure the availability of an IT operation.

What do we do?

At CloudFence, every 5 minutes our 24x7 monitoring and support team will ensure the following:

  • Check that your servers are up and running effectively.
  • Check that you can connect to the internet.
  • Check any or all your Windows Services including the vital components of your server’s operating system. These vital services permit you to login to your network, access the internet, and print your work.
  • Check network devices and remote office devices (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).
  • Check TCP ports on your network, other networks, and on your ISP.
  • Check disk space to ensure it is below the pre-defined threshold.
  • Check Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) devices to ensure all disks are functioning correctly and data is safe.
  • Check your website to ensure it’s up, running, and serving your customers.
  • Check other devices using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Proactive Monitoring services
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Why Choose Us?

Being a process-driven IT company, we have expertise in quality-integrated services, cross-platform skills which helps businesses to improve operational excellence and transform into a technology-driven enterprise.

We keep track of deadlines and strive to meet our clients’ standards. We analyze, design, and justify technology solutions based on a thorough understanding of your business needs. We go beyond simple IT assistance and infrastructure management with multi-cloud managed services, NOC services, professional services, and managed services to enable true digital transformation

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